5 Steps to climbing new heights

REFRAME • September 20, 2023
Mountain Photo

What I know is that people have exactly what they need in them to succeed, however very few of us ever realize our potential. With millions of acres to explore our land why then do we only cultivate or explore a few hundred? “If we all did the things we are capable of we would astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

There are things in life like fears and limiting beliefs that we hold onto and we use as excuses to hold us back. It’s like seeing a mountain and thinking that it is beautiful but I couldn’t possibly climb it.

But how do you know? By taking step after step you will eventually get to your destination…. So what is holding you back?

Many years ago, before it was popular, I thought I could never go on a trip on my own. Well… life happens and I was on my own and at the time needed some downtime to really think about where I was heading with my life. So being a hiker, I decided (and it made perfect sense at the time to only me!) I’ll go hiking! So I packed up my car, my backpack, planned my trip and headed to Maine to hike Appalachian Trail and tackle Mount Katahdin. It was a seven day trip that took me through New Hampshire, to Bangor, Maine, where I challenged myself to live on my own in the woods for many days. Some….well most people thought I was insane, but what I discovered on that trip was awareness, answers, the beauty of people and the challenges of life, and I really experienced what it feels like to be free and in the moment. It was a wonderful learning that I will cherish as it taught me how to explore life.

Here are some Steps to Climbing to your own Heights in life.

  • Choices: We all have choices in life and many times it’s in the decisions that we make that limit what we achieve. So understand what your strengths are and then make the right choices with those strengths to take action to achieve your goals.
  • Patience: Most things take work and can even be difficult before they become easy. Many of us give up just before the true glorious moment arrives and then we justify it by saying see it didn’t work! Life is a process, and anything worth doing will take time. It’s like the difference between fast food, and a five course meal at the best restaurant in town. It takes patience.
  • Give Up to Stride along: There are times when we want something we need to give up another. Usually this means giving up something that we were comfortable with. For example, we could keep climbing that mountain or we could say well…that’s good enough; I really didn’t need to be here. What am I trying to prove anyway…the little voice inside our head continues to want us to stay in that comfort zone. Once we commit and take that extra step and then another and another, then we begin to stride faster because it becomes easier and we learn how to do it better and so on.
  • Problem Solving: There will be times when we fail to reach our potential because we hold ourselves back. Most people can spot a problem or a difficulty, however spotting the ways to problem solve is what is needed. I love problem solving. When someone has a difficulty, and they need my help to problem solve, I love jumping in to offer support, help and find answers for them. That is what mentoring is to me!
  • Reaching Your Potential: We all need solid reasons why we want to reach our goals. People give up when they don’t have an understanding of what it is they want to do it all for….PURPOSE. Write down your goals, have a purpose. Mine is to inspire to become their best, inspire others and pursue my passion. If everyone was living their dreams how different would we all be?

When we have more reasons to climb that mountain like seeing the beautiful view from the other side, the fun of the exploration, or the confidence it will bring, that is when our desire outweighs the loss of a bit of comfort. I know you will take the chance on yourself and achieve what you were meant to do by following your purpose. 


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